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Family & Matrimonial Services

Civil Litigation - Family & Matrimonial Services
When a legal issue arises involving a family, the situation must be carefully handled. At Phuoc & Associates, our lawyers understand that family law matters must be dealt with in a sensitive manner to preserve the dignity and privacy of the individuals involved. Because family law matters concern family relationships, these situations tend to be highly emotional in nature, and involved parties can have a difficult time resolving these issues on their own. The family law lawyers at our firm have the experience necessary to handle whatever domestic issues you might be facing.
There are a number of legal issues pertaining to domestic relations, including:
•  Divorce
•  Child Custody
•  Child Support
•  Complex Financial Issues
•  Spousal Maintenance (also known as spousal support, or alimony)
•  Visitation Rights
•  Paternity
•  Adoptions
•  Division of Property