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Our Culture

Phuoc & Partners is not just a typical example of a flourishing legal consulting firm. Our positive culture and client-focused values are, in our belief, what makes us unique.

A Mixture of Tradition and Innovation

The quintessential measure of corporate achievement is the success of your clients. At Phuoc & Partners, we maintain our traditional values to provide the best possible service to all of our clients. These traditions have become our cornerstone and inspiration, and so today, we are recognised as an experienced, knowledgeable and skillful national-level service supplier with multi-sector expertise. Our lawyers are likewise well qualified and experienced in planning creative strategies and using innovative methods to bring about the greatest possible result for our clients.

At Phuoc & Partners, we can help you overcome complicated government red-tape in relation to emerging sectors, advanced technologies and international economies.

Corporate Staff

Our staff of lawyers, interns and employees all have one goal in common – excellence in everything we do. We expect no less than the best effort from every individual at all times, to promote a working environment which gives encouragement, is supportive, and well balanced between the individual and the collective. Yet when individual qualities contribute to a collective force, the outlook is only one of success – to the company and the clients. We take pride in recording our achievements; together both looking both back into the past and toward the future.

Organizational structure

Our flexibility reflects an evenly proportioned internal structure. Phuoc & Partners is managed by a small number of committees, which has enabled us to focus on our clients and the task at hand. This has meant less time in committee meetings, avoiding time-wasting activities and therefore invoicing expenses; a reduction of corporate annual vacations; and fewer meetings among Partners. Our policy of recognizing Partner on merit also gives great incentive to our Associate – as they begin to distinguish themselves they are also making themselves available to one day go into partnership with us; demonstrating our commitment to an environment without hierarchical barriers and bureaucracy.