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Our Core Values

At Phuoc & Partners, our values, built upon universally respected ideals, serve as the guidelines for our actions and the expectations we have imposed upon ourselves.

Although Phuoc & Partners works from a few locations in main cities in Vietnam, the firm’s attorneys are linked by more than internet and technology. All our staff share common Core Values which support the firm-wide commitments to add value, achieve excellence, and promote professional development.

This fosters a workplace which is friendly, sociable, cooperative and organized.

As Phuoc & Partners continues to grow in the coming decade, it remains sharply attuned to its Core Values, which define its professional character as well as what the Firm’s clients can expect from our attorneys, who live these values every day.

While the scope of our legal practice evolves with the clients’ needs, the Firm’s Core Values remain constant:

  • Integrity

Phuoc & Partners operates with absolute integrity, including independence (independent, unbiased and professional judgment), anti-conflict of interest (not assuming a position in which a client’s interests conflict with those of Phuoc & Partners or another client of ours), confidentiality (maintaining and affording protection of confidentiality), and professional integrity (maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness).

We are committed to the highest standards of ethical practice and are uncompromising in this belief. We will do all we possibly can for a client, except where it may break our ethical standards as individual lawyers and as a firm. Training and education of the above integrity risks and ways to combating them are therefore seen as our key safeguards against violations.

  • Loyalty

Phuoc & Partners highly respects reliability and loyalty. We build client loyalty from having a strong and unique value proposition, focused on market differentiation, personalized relationships, and flexible pricing models. These qualities enable us to provide timely legal advice to our clients, which is both reasonable and sensible. In addition, Phuoc & Partners lawyers owe a fiduciary loyalty to us not to actively exploit their positions within Phuoc & Partners for their own personal benefits, or hinder the ability of Phuoc & Partners to conduct the business for which it was developed.

  • Efficiency
As one of our core values, efficiency is vital to our success. Every gear in the Firm is turned more efficiently when the work is focused yet fast, practical yet economical, flexible yet simple. We have always been about being able to do more with less. When everyone works together in balance, the time flows as smoothly as any young blood vessels. We believe in hard work and putting in the extra effort to get things done. We believe in operational excellence, and realise that there is always room for improvements in everything we do. This means our out work is never done.