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Ethics & Conduct

This code of Ethics & Conduct has been drawn up so there can be no doubt about the standards of behaviour that Phuoc & Partners expects of its partners, attorneys and support staff. This Code of Ethics & Conduct defines the standards of conduct that Phuoc & Partners expects from our partners, attorneys and support staff to help us make the right decisions in the course of performing our jobs. The Code of Ethics & Conduct sets a framework for how we must operate. The Code of Ethics & Conduct protects the interests of the clients, equity members, employees and suppliers of goods and services to the firm. Particularly, it helps you understand what is expected of the partners, attorneys and support staff of Phuoc & Partners.

This Code of Ethics & Conduct does not cover all legal or ethical questions. However, by following this Code of Ethics and Conduct and our other policies and procedures, by adhering to the spirit of all applicable laws and regulations of Vietnam, and above all by applying sound judgment we will maintain our integrity and the highest ethical standards in any activities involving Phuoc & Partners.

For further information, please review our Ethics & Conduct by download HERE