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When I ask Phuoc & Associates to be my lawyer in court or at arbitration, with your extensive experience and a substantial team of lawyers, can Phuoc & Associates ensure that I will win my case?

According to the ethical rules and professional conduct of lawyers issued by the Federation of Vietnamese Lawyers, lawyers are not entitled to provide guarantee of results with clients in every disputing case and we always adhere strictly to such standard rules. Typically, based on the information related to the case that you provide as well as reference to the relevant provisions of the law we can, if requested, provide our legal reasoning and an initial opinion about your legal position in the case in order for you to consider and make a decision on further steps to be taken. Because we can only rely on the information provided by you to issue our legal opinion we do not have an opportunity to refer to the evidence / information available from the other side in the dispute, and with the final decision for dispute settlement of the lawsuit is a court or a team of arbitrators, our legal opinion can only be treated as a reference from a professional perspective to make it easier for you to make the necessary and reasonable decisions in this case. Of course, during the duration of case proceedings, with our extensive and in-depth experience, we will do our best to protect your legitimate rights and benefits.