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What are your law firm hourly rates? Do they change often?

The current hourly charges of our team of lawyers and supporting staffs applicable are as follows:

Partner 9,340,000 400
Senior Associate 7,005,000 300
Associate 5,837,500 250
Paralegal 4,203,000 180
Translator 934,000 40

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We often change the hourly charges of our law firm annually on the first day of January and such changes will be advised in writing to our clients at least seven (07) days before the application. These changes will be based on the percentage of inflation of the Vietnam Dong (VND), the social and economic situation of Vietnam and legal demands in the business and individual areas. The changes are applied consistently not only to new clients but also current clients of our law firm which are using our legal services.

It will be billed at the rates as mentioned above at any time Phuoc & Associates’ attorneys and/or supporting staff of Phuoc & Associates work on the Client file(s), including but not limited to the time Phuoc & Associates’ attorneys and supporting staff spend writing, drafting, re-viewing and signing emails, facsimiles, letters, file review, legal research, preparing or responding to interrogatories or other information-gathering procedures, telephone or conference time within the assigned team of attorneys and supporting staff and with the Client, local State authorities or any other third parties involved in the Mandate, depositions, meetings with experts, travel time from Phuoc & Associates office and return, and any other time spent and/or work performed relating to the Mandate. The minimum time unit is six (06) minutes or 1/10 of an hour.