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25 Questions About Labour Contract That Enterprises Shall Know

25 Questions About Labour Contract That Enterprises Shall Know

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Labour contracts have long been viewed as an interesting topic for those who take care of the human resources role in enterprises as daily tasks. There are numerous questions that readers might be interested respect to labour contract because the labour contract not only contains the agreement based on the principle of freedom and voluntariness between the parties but also under the management of competent State agencies. Moreover, when a labour dispute arises, the content of labour contract is considere d one of troubleshooting and dispute resolution between the parties.

Hopefully, the e-booklet 25 QUESTIONS ON LABOUR CONTRACTS THAT ENTERPRISES SHALL KNOW will partly support the work and life of readers who are human resource professionals in the enterprises in the growing employment relationship. However, with limited professional knowledge and practical experience, it is certain that there will be shortcomings in the preparation and completion of this booklet and there will be some related but has not been mentioned in detail, so we hope readers send us valuable suggestions so that the booklet can be improved in the next editions.



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